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Come face to face with some of Cambodia's rarest animals in this grassroots, community led ecotourism project. With Cambodian Gibbon Ecotours you will venture into Veun Sai forest and see rare gibbons, stunning birdlife, and meet the people that are directly benefiting from this project!

In the Northeast of Cambodia, in Ratanakiri province, lies a luscious forest called Veun Sai. This protected area is home to an extremely important gibbon population as well as a host of other endangered species. Discovered in 2010, the northern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon (Nomascus annamensis) is a rare and endangered species. And Veun Sai holds the largest known population left in the world...

Veun Sai is wonderfully unique, due to its immense range of species and high density of wildlife. It is teeming with tropical birds, jungle cats, monkeys (including the beautiful red shanked douc featured in the video below), butterflies, reptiles and more. Exploring this forest is a unique experience for enthusiastic wildlife spotters and those who are interested in biology and nature conservation.

Unique ecotourism experience: This community based ecotourism project was set up with help from international NGO Conservation International to provide revenue and alternative livelihoods to the local people and reduce the impacts on this wild and untamed part of Cambodia so that it can endure. This is a rare opportunity to be part of the solution and for your holiday to help provide alternative livelihoods to local people to help them out of poverty and reduce human impacts on the wildlife. Learn more about the community based ecotourism side of things here.

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